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car branding rustenburg
car branding rustenburg
car branding rustenburg
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Car Branding Rustenburg

We offer professional and high quality car branding services for any type of vehicles. 

We design a concerpt for you before any printing commences. Once the client has approved the concepts then we start with the printing and installation of stickers.

We have a team of creative graphic design who can take your breadth away with their awesome designs.

Car wrapping/ branding needs a professional applicator to install the stickers, at Phinem Graphix we have well trained professional vinyl applicators to do all the wrapping for your cars.

DID YOU KNOW: The average person will spend about 1 entire year of their life sitting in traffic!?
Why not take advantage and give your fellow motorists something to look at! Get your vehicles branded at Phinem Graphix and be sure to stand out from the crowd, traffic or not!
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Car Branding Rustenburg

Getting full vinyl wraps are a big customisation option, completely transforming your car, be that a colour change or a material finish. Full car wrap/ branding has a huge advantage of directly protecting your manufacturer paintwork.

We provide our clients with an outstanding experience as our quality vehicle wrapping is done completely in-house by our specialised team. At Phinem Graphix we  take our clients from the designing process through to the completion of fitment and application onto the vehicle.

We offer full vehicle wraps, half wraps and partial branding on vehicles. Vehicle branding fitment and application takes place at our workshop. However, we can also do installations on our clients’s premises but this will inccur an additional cost for call out fee.

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